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Catalytic Inc.

HR is buried in too much paperwork to connect with employees. Finance is tracking down numbers, not developing cost-saving strategies. Procurement is too busy dealing with supplier headaches to build relationships. And most software meant to solve all of this just ends up adding more to manage.

We wanted people to work smarter, not harder, and in 2015, Catalytic was born. We didn’t invent automation. Rather, we invented a technology that makes automation more modern, accessible, agile, and scalable by harnessing the power of smart workflows that push everything forward.

Our vision is a world where employees are freed up to use their intelligence, creativity, and relationship-building to achieve unprecedented business outcomes. Every day.   


UiPath is leading the “automation first” era – championing a robot for every person and enabling robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning.

Through free and open training, UiPath is led by a commitment to bring digital era skills to millions of people globally, thereby improving business productivity and efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience. 

 The company’s hyperautomation platform combines the #1 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable organizations to scale digital business operations at unprecedented speed. The company has automated millions of repetitive tasks for businesses and government organizations globally including approximately 50% of the Fortune 500. 

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BPM-D® is an innovative and reliable business partner that enables organizations to increase performance and productivity through cross-functional business and information technology initiatives – fast and at low risk. We are THE experts in establishing and applying the Discipline of Business Process Management (BPM-Discipline) providing significant value through systematic strategy execution in a digital world. The business was established based on the years of experience of its co-founders in delivering components of this vision: strategy; governance; process improvement; modeling & repositories; next generation automation and change enablement to organizations, both for large and small organizations.

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